On May 22nd this year. in the 21st High School in Lublin, took place a summary of the Contest of Technical Innovation and Inventiveness of Block A and Block B in the Lublin District. The ceremony was attended by participants and counsellors, a representative of the Department of Education in Lublin and invited media. All participants received diplomas, while the best received also attractive prizes. In the second part of the meeting, students from the Electronic School Complex presented two works from Block A that were qualified to the finals.

The Contest at the regional level has been covered by the Honorary Patronage by:

  • Teresa Misiuk, the Lublin School Superintendent
  • The Easter Metalworking Cluster

The awards were funded by the members of The Easter Metalworking Cluster:

Main founder:
– WOLCO Sp. z o.o.
– Ruddler Ireneusz Russa

Supporting founder:
– Przedsiębiorstwo Remontu i Montażu Urządzeń Energetycznych Energoserwis S.A.

– Zakład Narzędzi Diamentowych i Spiekanych Pyrzyna Czesław